South American winter?

Yes it can be cold in the Andes.

Papas a la huancaina is one of my favourite dishes. Potatoes with a sauce of cheese & chilli. Weird to think what we would we eat now, if globalisation of ingredients from the South American larder as potatoes & chilli hadnt taken place. No chips and crisps.  But also Italian cuisine without tomatoes? Breakfast without beans in tomato sauce? Hungarian Goulash would be plain boiled meat. No wonderful combination of fermentation & heat in Korean kimchi. I could go on and on.

This potato/chilli/cheese mix is going to be the filling for the vegetarian option this week: pasties. Or better: Empanada’s. You could almost dance away on that word. Last year I catered for a concert of a local Latin band, where I served some Empanada’s. These were the classic ones, with a beef mince & raisin filling. Had a little fryer at hand. Still remember the eyes as big as saucers of a customer: “Are you going to fry my pasty?” Of course, because I prefer crunch above stodgyness. Especially with this week’s version, to hold the velvety filling of cheesy potatoes.

This week’s menu:

  • Enchiladas with Chorizo & Chilli
  • Sourdough & Quinoa Salad
  • Peruvian  Potato Pasty
  • Argentinian ‘Cawl’
  • Sanchocho – Fish Stew from Venezuela
  • Bolivian Rice Casserole (with peanuts & banana – veg)
  • served with Mexican Bean Cake
  • Pineapple Creme Caramel

Not served at Oren this week, but fond memories of them when we catered for the band last year, are Alfajores, biscuits made with an incredible amount of cornflour. This gives them an unique consistency. Crunchy but once bitten melt in the mouth. I googled a recipe here for you:

Carnation does tins of dulce de leche(condensed milk caramel) if you dont want to make it yourself.

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One comment on “South American winter?

  1. I agree on how international food has become. Loving the way food inspires! I recently made dulce de leche with sweetened condensed milk as well. Super easy. Thanks for dropping by my blog btw. 🙂

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