Eat Home Made

Parsnip and Cider Soup
Chicken poached in Mead
Salmon with Whisky Sauce
Lentil and Ale Pie
Guiness Brownies

A Celtic menu for st. Patricks Day,  full of booze,  so you can cook with it, if you have given up drinking it for Lent. I’ve got no problems with alcohol, as long as you don’t take too much it. But that is the case with a lot of things we eat or drink. I remember having a rash (gall related) after eating too many strawberries as a child. Eating varied and well balanced is the answer, I think. Nothing wrong with salt, sugar or a bit of butter at the time. Superfoods? Everything is. Food is just super, don’t be afraid of it.


The addictive side of alcohol for me is mostly psychological. Drinking to forget. It numbs the brain. Almost the opposite effect to Oreo cookies, whereof the high sugar and fat content stimulate pleasure centres in the brain, and as such are as addictive as cocaine, recent scientific research has shown.
Convenience shopping in big supermarkets with shelves full of mass produced addictive salt-sugar-fat rich food lies at the heart of the growing obesity problem.  No matter how often they put low fat or all natural ingredients on the label, basically it is all the same. We can only change it by having a more hunter gatherer approach to getting our food on the table. Shop local with your baker and butcher. Get your eggs from a local farm. Grow your own herbs and salad. Go out and pick some wild garlic or other frehsh spring leaves which have sprung out of the ground early here this year because of the non winter. Eat home made.


It might take a bit of an effort but in the end the satisfaction of a home baked cake way surpasses the instant stimulation of a pack of chocolate biscuits. Have a go at these brownies for instance, I am happily reblogging the page here where I found them.

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