Fragments of Spring

Next week I am collaborating with a local artist. Her work evolves the fragments of household ware that are on the steep slope behind her home.  The earth is churning up the contents of a waste tip which was used by the inhabitants of her cottage about a century ago. The rain has washed down broken china, shoes, perfume bottles and complete earthenware jam jars.


At first I marvelled at how beautiful these reminiscences of a past hard life are. Then I realised that the true beauty for me is the earth bringing it all up again. And giving it a new life as it id used as part of an artwork.

That is the essence of spring to me. The earth breaking up and providing us with a new life. I do feel particularly revived by spring this year. When I was walking about at Easter I noticed how abundant nature already is.
Shaded woods offer plenty of wild garlic to make a pesto. I use hazelnuts and any hard cheese in mine.
Tender dandelion leafs are sprouting up everywhere, and are good in a potato salad with toasted pumpkin seed oil, which is a memory of Austria for me.
Heavenly scented bright yellow gorse flowers make good wine or a cordial. Just soak them overnight in a taken of the boil syrup.


Nettles are just right at the moment. Tingling more then stinging when you pick them without gloves, like I did. Use them as spinach, in a pie for instance. Or with butter toasted oats in a soup.
Always think spring is one big egg with all these white and yellow flowers around. So many of them are edible. Daisies are a favourite of mine. Tiny sunshaped hearts which open themselves to the sun. The turn a dish into a smiling plate of food.


The knife is the symbol of modern cooking. It is all about fragmenting food, slicing it, breaking it up, grinding  or blending it.
But in the end it is the becoming one when we eat all these fragments what matters.

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