THE eating house

Oren is the Welsh word for orange and is chosen by Dutch Chef Patron Gert Vos as the theme for his restaurant. Since October 2014 Oren has taken the shape of a Pop Up restaurant. Every weekend it opens its doors at a different location. Although mainly based in Caernarfon, Oren pops up in the wider area of North West Wales.



Orens set menu changes every week, and is often inspired by the present location.
‘Sit down, relax and let me feed you’  is Oren’s motto. With simple but tasty food,  full of interesting flavour combinations. Oren is renowned for it’s seasonal influenced pure cooking, inspired by peasant food from all over the world. Food that is meant to feed you.



An informal atmosphere, where the accent is placed on sharing food, is characteristic for Oren. Sometimes you help yourself to an array of little dishes on the table. Sometimes different guests are sharing a big table. A chance to meet locals and visitors, while enjoying a good meal.


The price for a 3 course set menu is £17. and the usual dinner time is 7.30 pm.
For a calendar of next weeks pop ups, please go to the book a table section.

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